Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Organizations need to govern, view, manage and store all types of data as a seamless whole. Our approach to information management therefore takes into consideration the need to manage not only structured but semi- and unstructured data for an enterprise-wide solution.

Nearly all organisations have a mass of unstructured data: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, design documents, customer interaction records etc. These represent a key Business Informational asset. Collecting, managing and making these accessible can deliver significant value to an organisation.

Enterprises today understand the significance of a rich, personalized user experience for managing and exchanging information. It’s a management challenge for IT and a compliance challenge for the business. Management understand that an effective content management solution is the gateway to maximize reach and collaborate with various stake holders in the ecosystem.

Datassay ECM Solutions Strategy:

Identify ECM and non-ECM organizational pain points

Support key ECM initiatives and information needs through stakeholder interviews, infrastructure assessments and prioritization workshops Infrastructure/Solution Assessment

Evaluate your organization’s infrastructure and existing technologies

Uncover integration points, gaps in the existing infrastructure and additional investments for consideration